Slots Plus Casino Bonus Codes

One of the advantages to Slots Plus Casino Bonus Codes is that they no longer exist. Slots Plus was one of those casinos that required players to enter an annoying little bonus code when choosing to accept or decline their bonus. Now that they have caught up with the times, Slots PLus Casino no longer requires players enter the irritant that is a casino bonus code. Now, upon making your deposit, the bonus will be credited instantly, without fuss, and as soon as you load your account.

At one time, a time now passed, Slots Plus was one of those casinos requiring a bonus code to receive their promotion. This is no longer the case. Slots Plus Casino Bonus codes were thrown out, and now the bonus is granted instantly upon signing up. They will start you off with a two part bonus. This bonus, although two parts, is credited only on your first deposit. If you put $100 dollars in the account, you will be given $125 on top, giving you $225 dollars to play with. What Slots Plus Casino does not advertise very often, however, is the fact that they will give you 25% extra on that first deposit for everything beyond that 100th dollar. Depositing anywhere from $101 to $100,000 will give you an additional 25% of your match. This will go as high as $500 dollars, giving you an extra $625 dollars to gamble with if you utilize this bonus to the max. These are the only Slots Plus casino bonus codes and bonuses available. Visit Slots Plus

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